Cymbalta Argumentative Essay

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For a commercial to work “part of the trick is that we can be wooed by the logic of the admen only if we are part of the cultural script it writes for us and writes us into” (Cathy Davidson, 30). At first glance, Cymbalta commercial viewers may see the ad senseless, as it portray how the drug is a remedy to depression despite of it listing out the negative side effect of the drug. But on closer inspection, the drug manufacturer, Eli Lilly, and the Draftfcb Healthcare, the advertiser, have carefully researched and crafted a video that specifically catches the consumer’s attention of the drug and propel them to buy the product. Davidson is expressing that if a person has a different cultural value in relation with the advertisement, the advertisement …show more content…

Advertiser have been using distractions to persuade us in ways we may not expect. For an example, Davidson discussed that a person will only be interested in an ad for 6.5 seconds. As a result the Cymbalta ad, runs for 75 seconds, is carefully designed to attract viewers in a way they won’t notice. In the ad itself there are many hidden technique that was used that were so natural, we as human beings may not see the clearly. The ad involves a father playing with his daughter to create a connection between the viewer and the father and see the transition how bleak depression affect a person to happiness in the end. As the ad goes on it has light effects, music, and narration to unconsciously to enhance the overall effect of the message. This will cause the viewer to be put in the same shoes of the father and build a bond with the character. Being able to feel a similar emotion to these fictional characters give us the feeling that if they are cured and results in happiness, we believe that the same effect will happen to

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