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All five of the activities were chosen in order to encourage children’s numeracy skills. The activities were based around the development of the four fundamental skills of numeracy learning. These are the ability to name and draw basic shapes and colours, able to count up to ten, begin to understand time and start to recognise patterns and routines. Monday’s activity, the Shape Art Mural, was chosen to allow four year olds to further their development for the milestone of naming and drawing basic shapes and colours. By incorporating both shapes and colours it allows for the activity to be more interesting for the kids. Involving familiar aspects of play, such as painting and producing an art work, will allow the child to be more comfortable when participating …show more content…

The activity was chosen to demonstrate the child’s ability to count to six. By not asking the children to find ten place cards and correctly presenting them in the right order, will ensure that they are not overwhelmed by the activity. If the child is overwhelmed they will not want to participate in the scavenger hunt as they won’t feel comfortable. So by only asking them to count to six, it will ensure that the child will remain intrigued and excited to participate in the activity as it will not take a long period of time to complete. The aspect of using a scavenger hunt will form a basis for excitement as the children will be able to discover the numbers for themselves. Having the children present their place cards once they have found all six, will showcase their ability to correctly count. By using the sticker reward as an incentive to finish the game, the children will be encouraged to participate and they will want to correctly present their cards to the best of their ability therefore demonstrating their ability to count and allowing them to practice this vital numeracy

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