Blue Fish Activity Report

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Name of Activity or Experience:
• One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, by Dr. Seuss. Intended Age Group:
• 2 years Materials Needed:
• 15 to 20 fishes made from color cardboard with number and fish. Space:
• Open space in a classroom. Goals:
• The children goals would be using their fine motor, language, and eye and hand coordination. Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP):
• This activity is appropriate for the children because they should be able to pull out animal objects that start with the letter “F” for fish. This activity does follow Developmentally Appropriate Practice because the teacher is very respectful of every child’s needs individually. The activity is well suited for the children’s age. The activity …show more content…

Instead, you are sorting them by physical attributes. The activity is well suited because it accommodates to everyone without eliminating any children. Presentation:
• Before starting the activity, you want to discussion to the children that not only objects that can be different or alike but individuals too. You will then present a book that you will read to them called, one fish, two fish red fish blue fish by Dr. Seuss. While reading the book to the children, you want to point out how the fishes are different from one another but also have some things in common. After you read the book you want to remind the children how in the book the creatures were described in different ways and that now they will be doing an activity to sort them by color and numbers. …show more content…

For example, if you have a child who is in a wheel chair, instead of having the children coming up to take out the fishes from the bag, you would bring the bag around to everyone. In addition, make the circles big enough for the child with the wheel chair to fit in comfortably with other children. Another example, if you a child who is visually impaired you can focus on attributes that are tangible like clothing so the child with the disability is able to participate. For example, you can have all the children wearing short sleeves stand up or children wearing gym shoes stand up.

• In the block area, you can expand this activity by having the children sort table toys by size, color or shape. For example, you can have the children sort a bucket of different colored animals by color or by size. In the science area, you can have pictures of living and non-living things and have the children sort them by living or none—living, if it moves, does it need food and water to live, can it reproduce. Lesson Plan Analysis 3 As far as nutrition, you can have different types of foods and sort them by food groups or taste (sour, sweet, tart).

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