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Dana Gioia Capsule Biography
By Ryan Blocker Dana Gioia was born in Hawthorne, California on December 24, 1950. Gioia’s schooling was Catholic and a prominent school he attended was Junipero Serra High School. Later, Gioia had attended and graduated Standford Business School, but later went on to become a poet. Gioia himself remarked that he was, “the only person, in history, who went to business school to be a poet.” (Dana Gioia, Poetry Foundation). Gioia had begun dedicating his time to writing full time in 1992. Before that, he had gained some popularity in the 1980s, and published a few essays and reviews of books. Some of his poem collections include Daily Horoscope (1986), The Gods of Winter (1991), Interrogations at Noon (2001), and

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