Declaration Of Independence Analysis

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The Declaration of Independence When in the course of an organization, the original beliefs are no longer enforced, the members must make a separation. We the students of Georgetown High School are tired of being treated unfairly and having our education not taken seriously. We hold strong in our belief that every student has the right to learn in an environment that is clean, safe, and fair. Georgetown High School is no longer holding these standards so the students feel the need to form our own organization. To prove that Georgetown High’s standards have fallen and a dissolvent is needed, here is our list of grievances. • The dress code is not enforced properly. Teachers pick who to code on their state of dress and let some students walk free …show more content…

When the textbooks weight can exceed 15 pounds, we just cannot carry them. Female students are allowed to carry purses, this is not fair to male students who have no way to carry their supplies. • The bathrooms at Georgetown High are extremely unsanitary, causing some student to choose not to use them. This can leave students with health problems. • The lunch tables are never wiped down and students are forced to eat in an unclean environment. • The substitutes are inadequate and disrupt student learning. Substitutes are meant to aid student learning, not hinder it. • The lockers at the school are far too small, not even able to hold the required student textbooks. New students are not always assigned lockers and are forced to carry all or their textbooks. • Teachers at Georgetown assign an ungodly amount of homework. This workload can take students hours to complete. • The teachers at Georgetown High School refuse to stay after school and tutor students, even though it is in their contracts that they must stay until three-thirty. • All students are not allowed to have library rights. The librarian only lets certain students access the bookshelves in the

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