Ap Classes By Jonathan Kozol Analysis

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In this text Jonathan Kozol went to a school that is really not a school because of what they do to there students just to get them to graduate. The students that Jonathan interviews tell him what they go through everyday just to graduate. They explain to him that the school system really doesn’t care about these students not even the teachers, if the teachers where ever there to see these students. Some students wanted to take AP classes so that they have an idea of what college will be like but never get in the class because “it fills up”. Even if these students entered these classes they had a probability that they wouldn’t have a teacher for that course. “Out of the 180 teacher-slots, typically 25 or so cannot be filled and have to be assigned to substitutes” and that is for the spots the school cannot fill, furthermore some teachers didn’t even show up for class at all they the students would have at least a sub everyday. After attending a teacher meeting Jonathan noticed that the students didn’t pick the classes they wanted to take they just put in classes until they filled up and than move on to a different class. The library was closed for almost a quarter of the year every year because of testing or other stuff that being said the students …show more content…

He identifies all of these problems in one, which I don’t know how the school bored let continue to be in session. He informs us that the students here are struggling to get the classes they want, have time for lunch and also make time for a paper, and also get the classes required to have an idea about what will happen in college. He also compares Fremont High with other high schools that are great at something’s but also lack lots of things. He gives examples on what the school is missing and what should be in there for example he talked about how the school was 15 restrooms fewer than school

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