Definition Essay: The Two Types Of Anxiety

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Everybody has felt anxious before a big presentation or job interview, it is the butterflys in your stomach or the thrill of a roller coaster ride. Several suffer from anxiety when they do not have an outlet for the excess adrenaline. Adrenaline build up in the body, the excess becomes toxic. There are a variety of forms of anxiety: genetic, phobia, and social anxiety. You could have one or a more than one. All of them hinder daily life if you do not know how to control the stress or have simple triggers. They are two kinds of anxiety: genetically acquired anxiety and phobias comes from ones personal experiences. Fear is a natural defense mechanism that the body has to survive. We all have fears but not usually enough to cause problems. Phobia is the most common known anxiety. Some common …show more content…

Risk factors are at a higher chance for females. anxiety can be projected to others. genetic makeup and the correct environment for development anxiety could be present in adulthood. My mother and her sister both have a genetic anxiety. My aunt is a bit of her fear in highest and stress from her fast paced work. Her compulsion of checking if the doors are lock constantly and if the security alarm is on. My mother anxiety did not start after she had my younger brother add on stress from work. My mother's stress from work, paying bills and having a new born cause her anxiety to sky rocket. She had panic attacks and my father had to help calm her down. She describe a panic attack like waves and waves of fear, like you are dying, suffocating and unable to control your own action. .The two main common treatment for anxiety is medication or therapy. Both have taken a different method of treatments. aunt opted for medication as a fast acting and occasionally therapy. My mother did a support network which was my father. They help each other with their own anxiety or stress. Even though everybody has anxiety, they all handed it

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