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"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried" – Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill said this as part of his speech during the Second Reading of the Parliament Bill on November 11, 1947 (Baltzersen, 2005). As the leader of the Opposition, Churchill is known for his commitment to democracy. His stand is justifiable; the alternatives to democracy that he knew were all ultimately violent, coercive, and totalitarian—much like the governments of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union which Churchill confronted during his career (Stolyarov II, 2006). Therefore, even though he recognizes that democracy has its own flaws, it is least evil of the forms of government in his opinion. However, in my opinion,
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In a roundabout way the media do have a considerable measure of impact on democracy, as they make individuals mindful of the political situation in the nation in the condition that the media reports it to be, which may not always be the reality. Those not so much mindful of the political issues in the nation can thus make the wrong, confused choice while voting. Individuals likewise have a tendency to take after a swarm, and may vote in favour of a party under the influence of the majority, and not voice his or her actual assessment (R. Machan, 2002). One case study is that of America whereby Democracy has failed in view of the widening gap between the rich and poor people. Those who are financially capable take part more than others and are able to press their requests on the government. Public authorities, thus, are substantially more receptive to the rich than to the average individuals and the poor. Candidates running for elections with more financial support basically have a higher possibility of drawing in voters and beating their rivals. This results in a legislature that is ruled by the elites, helping the elites. Subsequently, popular government falls flat in light of the fact that the privileges of the less advantaged are not equivalent to those of the

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