Dental Assistant Personal Statement Examples

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As a highly motivated dental assistant, I offered excellent clinical and customer relations and skills gained through the Air Force technical school training in Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. I excelled in the Air Force Dental Assistant Program and graduated as the Honor Student with an overall grade of 97% number one in the class. The Honor Graduate is given to Airman who exemplify the "whole person" concept which included leadership, attitude, military bearing and behavior. Another award received was the Outstanding Leadership Award along with passing Infection Control and Radiology exams. Passing these exams proved that I possessed a very high level of proficiency in the crucial areas of safety and health of the healthcare workers and patients. Including these two comprehensive …show more content…

I became versed in four handed dentistry and the safety measures needed to pass instruments like the aspirating syringe. Some of my training also included learning the different fields in dentistry like general dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral maxillofacial surgery, endodontic, and prosthodontics. To even further my expertise in the field of dentistry I completed qualification training at Robins, AFB, Georgia. During my 60 day advancement training in Robins I became seasoned dental assistant I am today. Some of the procedures I preformed were oral surgeries in the extractions of the wisdom teeth during which I monitored vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen intake. I preformed an emergency root canal on a patient and several amalgam and composite restorations. Other assisting duties included: managing emergency procedures, retracting tissue and maintaining a clear operating field, properly utilizing the dental chair and preforming daily operational checks, preparing material for making impressions and restoring defective teeth. I also fabricated sports guards, and hard night guards. While also learning how to pour and trim diagnostic

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