Dental Hygienist Research Paper

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A dental hygienist is a person who dedicates their life to helping others. They spend their day making people healthier and giving them attractive smiles. Therefore, the benefits it has towards society include increasing the confidence of others, preventing illness, and making people overall healthier. Dental hygiene, in my opinion, means making society a more efficient and healthier place. The ability to make society become a better place is the reason I want to become a dental hygienist. Being around others is one of the things being a dental hygienist means to me. I thoroughly enjoy being around and talking to other people. Therefore, I am sure I will need a career that allows me to have personal interaction with others. However, dental hygiene is also about being helpful to these people and giving them a happier life. This is relevant to me as I notice the importance of helping others. Personally, I like being helpful and I have taken part in it for as long as I can remember. Whether it is lending a hand to a fellow classmate with their homework or donating to a charity, I have always felt compelled to help others when they need something. Though, a dental hygienist's job goes much further than this. They also have the chance to make their patients happier. That …show more content…

Dental hygiene is necessary due to the fact that it generates a healthier society. They provide and promote above average hygiene, which is beneficial to anybody. I believe dental hygiene is all about providing care to others. Whether it is making the person happier and more confident, or just making their day by communicating with them, it is benefiting society and improving the lives of others. All of these act as reasons that make me want to choose dental hygiene as my profession. I love being helpful, and if for the rest of my life I will be able to do so, I will know I chose the right

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