Deoghar Peda Case Study

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IBS CASE STUDY ‘Deoghar Peda- Delivering you the sanctity’ Brief History: A place of ultra-influential religious value, of formidable sanctity, of millions of yearly visitors, and of extreme spiritual values. These words are even less to define the universal popularity and widespread importance of Deoghar or BabaDham. One of the 12 Jyotirlingam and one of the 51 Shaktipeeths, Deoghar continues to be the favourite of pilgrimages among Lord Shiva disciples. Millions of pilgrims pour into the courtyard of the temple to touch the lingam seated on the porch. This way everything in the vicinity of temple has become sacred and of high devotional value. Few merchants in Deoghar produce a special sacrament called ‘peda’ made of milk, grains and sugar. It is famous worldwide for its taste and quality. It is unadulterated and fresh as produced daily. It has become a very common and profiteering business in this small town as it is believed that the it has a distinct taste and fragrance. Nowhere around the country can the same essence for this particular sacrament can be reproduced. It is made on a small scale by local traders and sold within the town near the temple arena.…show more content…
Additional sweeteners such as cardamom or saffron are added to boost taste. Purchasing kilos of product has become a ritual among the worshippers daily. As thousands of people throng the temple each day, the business is booming among the domestic traders. Other than this, several other eateries are taken as supplements; however they do not provide uniqueness in its ingredients or taste. If this is oriented in a proper way, the proliferation of this product can prove to be an extremely profitable future prospect and eventually acquire a prevailing professional shape. Controlling a monopoly over this business can be a lucrative commercial success benefiting every merchant associated with

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