Descriptive Essay: Incredible Paraguay

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Incredible Paraguay
Paraguay is a landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. The landscape varies with swampland, subtropical forest and chaco, wildernesses that consist of savanna and scrubland.

San Bernardino is one of the main gateways to the capital city of Asuncion. It is located in a lovely setting by Lake Ypacarai. Visitors arrive by ferry to enjoy the swaying palm trees and stretches of sand. For those who want to live it up there are plenty of discos and bars and partiers love to have beer and salsa in the plazas through the summer season from December to March.

Asuncion the capital of Paraguay is bordered by the Paraguay River. It is best known for the grand Lopez Palace which is the seat of government, home to
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Many people from the capital Asuncion come here to relax in the summer. Here you can find pristine riparian beaches and a wonderful boardwalk boulevard. Water sports are very popular too, On the edge of town are Jesuit ruins which have become a UNESCO site.
Cerro Cora National Park is a small nature reserve with undulating savannah and highland terrain. You can see armadillos walking about. Muralia Peak offers spectacular views of the forests and plains. Residing here are indigenous tribes people and you can see mysterious ancient petroglyphs.
Ciudad del Este here you’ll find the markets spread out along the Parana River. You can find most anything here from electronics to branded clothes.
Ybycui National Park is the place where you can see Capuchin monkeys swinging through the canopies. Howlers climb the tree trunks. This park encompasses what is remaining of the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest. There are amazing cascading waterfalls creating many pools. An attractions here are the ruins of an iron foundry once producing weaponry and munitions during the Paraguayan
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It has lovely streets lined with shady eucalyptus trees. There are workshops where you can buy nanduti – beautiful and intricate Paraguayan embroidery. The hills of Cerrito loom over the city.

Filadelfia sits on the edge of the Gran Chaco from where the forests and hills of the Regional Oriental head out into the great boreal plains. This town is also home to German speaking people.

San Estanislao was named after a Polish saint and founded by Spanish Jesuits who wanted to convert the native Guarani Indians. The town also has a mix of Italian, German and Eastern European cultures. Visitors enjoy the beautiful tree-lined plazas.
La Santisima Trinidad de Parana is a great example of a South American Jesuit Reduction. It has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site showcases crumbling churches and priests’ living quarters many with European artworks.
San Cosme y Damian a lovely town surrounded by oxbow lakes and the flooded plains as the Parana River flows along the border of Argentina. There are sand dunes with swaying palm trees. You can see an interesting old Jesuit mission and visitors can take boat trips and hiking

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