Violence In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein 's Creature Victor 's creature was mixed with some good and bad inside of him. The creation of the creature started when Victor 's mom had died, and he wanted to control life and death. So, he had the idea of creating the creature. The creature was 8 feet tall, was deformed, and had other people 's body parts attached to him. The only thing the creature wanted was to have someone to keep company with. Wherever the creature went there was always someone that rejected him because of how he looked and would get scared and run away. When he would try to do something thong good, something bad ended up happening to him. Each time his hatred for his creator grew more and more. He then wanted to get revenge on his creator. The creature would be considered human because he acts like a human. In the story, the creature has experienced many emotions. The creature has felt some hatred, regret, happiness, and sadness. The creature was wondering off in the woods and managed to find a cottage that he could hide in, and in the cottage was a small family that was living in it. …show more content…

In my opinion, most of this violence was kind of Victor 's fault. Victor had promised the creature a female creature to be with him, because the creature was lonely. Victor couldn 't keep his promise and hilled the female creature in front of him. The creature was furious because he killed the only thing that could 've made him happy. The creature stated, 'I go, but I will be with you on your wedding night ' '. Victor was worried, because he was scared that the creature was going to take out another person that Victor cared about. The creature reacted like a human when Victor killed his mate, because there are a lot of real humans that react by wanting to get revenge on the person who killed the person they cared about, and there are also people that just stay sad and don’t do nothing bad to anyone else. The creature had the reaction of a

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