Descriptive Essay On My Meatloaf

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My Meatloaf A few weeks ago, I was going through old family pictures when I discovered a very amusing picture. A small squirming puppy lay with his head in the corner of his crate half asleep, but smiling at his new family. Of course, the first thought that popped into my head was “ my little meatloaf.” This puppy is not just a dog of a meatloaf, he is Bentley, one of my best friends. Ever since I picked him out, Bentley has been very special to me. In November of 2010, my family drove two hours in the Pennsylvania woods towards a Labrador breeder’s house where we would discover a chubby brunette puppy crawling overtop of all his siblings. His legs moved as if he was walking on ice, falling every few steps. He would not leave us alone and his sweet affection caused my heart to swell to three times its size. I fell in love with this little ball of fur.…show more content…
Confined to the kitchen, he jumped, ran, and rolled twenty-four hours a day. One day, he busted out of his area through his collapsable fence and tried to climb our wooden stairs. All of a sudden, we all hear thuds coming from the stair well as he was sliding backwards to the first floor. Ever since then he has been scared of going up the stairs. This reminds me that animals have feelings and emotions such as fear. This makes my meatloaf more human and even closer to my heart. Every day when I come home from school the first thing to greet me at the door is none other than Bentley. His strong tail whips back and forth as he begins to whimper and cry while I scratch his head. He always shows unconditional love no matter what the day brought on. Just the thought of him makes me smile even when I have had a horrendous day. In the five years that I have called Bentley my meatloaf, I have learned that I am always loved and that there will always be someone or something that makes me
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