Descriptive Essay: Pumpkin Patch

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Kaylyn’s memoir RD Have you ever had so much fun that it makes so tired and and just want to sleep for a year?It was so much fun doing my five memories in the last 2 years if you would like to find out what i did do,find out what i did, read below this paragraph.⇩⇩↧↧! Pumpkin Patch. We were at the pumpkin patch it was surrounded with pumpkins in every inch they have . There were so many kids and children with grandparents watching their children play on the playground .There was a barn full with animals anything you could imagine pigs,chickens miniature horses baby cows and even a alfa . There were tractors all around taking you in corn mazes they would also take you out to the place where they grow the pumpkins , out by the cows. My family and I were there to pick …show more content…

You could also hear the noises of the games going bing, bing, bing, bing.You could also hear the soda squirshing out of the soda fountain . The smell was so tempting it was a smell of greasy hot dogs and sausage . You could smell the hot dog challenge coming from around the corner You could smell the cherry cola from the food stand and the ginger ale and the root beer . The touch of the hot dog bun was gritty but soft and the cup to the cherry cola was cold as the tv commercial when santa claus is sitting on the bench drinking his cherry cola Hunting night You could see all the plants and trees in the background but i was focused on the deer . It was close to 9 o’clock we saw a deer finally we have been waiting all morning and day for just one deer . The sound was loud the screech owl was screeching and the plants were waving back and forth non stop then all the sudden we heard leaves crumbling .It’s a deer. We shot the deer and all i could smell was the gun exhaust and the scented heaters packets for kids when there hands get cold and whenever there feet get

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