Development Psychology: Lifespan Development

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Lifespan is an extension to development psychology from the moment we are conceived, until the day we die, we are continually developing and altering, although nearly all the changes we go through are due to coincidental incidents and individual choices ("Lifespan Development Introduction and Information", 2018). The clear majority in life changes and the stages we go through are linked to common biological and psychological culture as human beings this is shared by all individuals. In this report it will show the case study created in appendix one informing how development psychology is linked, and the theories psychologist believed contributed to the transitions through life.
Psychologist study the behaviour and mental processes
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This transition did not go smoothly for Dave as he was neglected by his parents and fended for himself and later taken into foster care. The link to Bowlby’s (1990) theory is dave continued to follow this development pattern showing being unloved and rejected by his main caregivers at an early age resulted in him avoiding any attachment with others as he reached adolescents. Unlike Bowlby’s (1990) theory Sigmund Freud (1939) stated his greatest noteworthy conclusion was behaviour is ruled equally by conscious and unconscious developments through five psychosexual stages that did not cover the whole lifespan (Boyd & Bee, 2012) pages 24.Erikson (1994) know as neo-Freudians projected thoughts that completed strength of Freud’s (1939) theory but his concept is linked to psychosocial stages in comparison to psychosexual ones, he alleged that development continued through the whole lifespan. Linked to Erikson’s (1994) stages of development Dave entered identity versus role confusion aged thirteen years, he alleged youths will suffer from confusion ascending from the abundance of people opening to him at this age (Boyd & Bee, 2012) pages 27. Dave’s life spiralled out of control leading to alcoholism and drug abuse which later resulted in prison. In early adulthood Dave was diagnosed with a mental health condition called schizophrenia, this resulted in his health deteriorating and being unable to work due to the symptoms he experienced daily. In Erikson’s (1994) theory he believed that if you do well at this phase you
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