Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Getaway Essay

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I am reading “Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Getaway” by Jeff Kinney and I am on page 200. This book is about a kid named Greg Heffley and the trip his family is taken to an island during Christmas. On this trip the Heffleys encounter many positive and negative things. When they arrive there the resort is beautiful and looks like a lot of fun. But when they sit down for lunch a bunch of birds eats their food and have nothing left. They really enjoyed their room which was huge, but it was open to the outside and bugs got in their room. Which they were not happy about this. But toward the end of their vacation things got better and they eat at a nice restaurant for the first time. But it all went downhill when there were wearing some else close that they accidently picked off the baggage claim at the airport. They got kicked out of the resort and had to go…show more content…
The overall theme in this book is trying new things are good, but can result in bad things as well. This year the heffleys tried a new thing during Christmas and went on vacations hoping it would be a lot of fun. there have had postive things that came out of their vaction. They are growing closer as a family and spent quality family time during the vacation. They enjoyed the weather and thought it was awesome. Even Greg, who liked to cold and not as much warmer weather actually throught the weather was great as well. The rooms at the place they stayed were awesome and they all had their own beds. Normally when they stayed at a hotel they had to share beds but not this time. But unfornallty there was some downsides of the vacation as well. When they first got them and went to eat the birds attacked them and took all of their food. There were lots of bugs there and the rooms were open to the outside and bugs could just come into their rooms. After they went snorkeling they acdenliy for got Rodrick in the middle of the sea. When they came back to get him, he was totally
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