Diary Of Anne Frank Essay

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The Diary of Anne Frank told of a young girl who endured the unthinkable. Anne Frank and her family and friends hid in an attic for three years, and through it all, Anne tried to keep a smile on her face. Anne told us through her diary how she maintained her carefree self for her family even though she had long since outgrew that little girl. Anne wrote down all her feelings through Kitty, and she gave us a story that still touches many people even though Anne has long since passed. In the early pages of her diary, Anne mentioned how she would love to become famous even after she is gone. When Otto Frank came home after the concentration camps, Elli and Miep gave him all of Anne’s papers and notes. After much encouragement, Otto Frank published the diary, causing Anne and her family to be remembered forever. I believe it is sad that Anne had to die in order for her to story to be told, but in the end, she did us a huge service writing down all that had happened. People need to see what happened to the Jews, and others, …show more content…

On more than one occasion, Anne expressed her deep anger towards her mother and Pim. Reading the diary must have hurt Pim, knowing how his daughter felt. He probably remembers the day Anne wrote that letter to him in perfect clarity. Pim would’ve thought about all he could have done differently to ensure his daughter was happy. Reading something such as Anne’s diary, which has a lot of strong emotions, can leave someone hurting. I believe this would have been the same if Anne’s mother had survived instead of Otto. Even though Anne’s feelings towards her mother are best described as “unpleasant,” her mother would have felt the same raw emotions of hurt and sadness. Anne’s mother would have most likely taken longer to persuade into publishing the diary. She probably would’ve been embarrassed for so many others to see the words in which Anne described her

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