Differences And Similarities Of Brainerd And Pillager

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Both Pillager and Brainerd have many differences and similarities. One has a city- like atmosphere and the other more rural, country feel. One has a a very large town while the other has a gas station and a bar. This essay will cover the many differences and the similarities about these two very different towns, including: the atmosphere, the attractions, housing, and schools. The atmosphere of these to cities is far from similar. Brainerd has a bigger city feel but in a smaller package. One could travel through brainerd in just a few minutes, it is jam packed with attraction. Pillager, on the other hand, has much less to offer. One could easily drive right through the town of Pillager and blink and miss it. There is almost to see other than the two gas …show more content…

Both Brainerd and Pillager’s in town housing is very similar. Both are slightly ran down and have there ups and downs. The thing that makes Brainerds downtown stick out the most is all of the old houses scattered throughout the town. Driving around Gregory Park in Brainerd it is hard to miss the amazing sights of old houses and their vintage look that really gives Brainerd’s downtown a great deal of character, which Pillager lacks. Also, Brainerd has several large apartment building to live in. They have the big Northstar Apartments over by the high school, and there are apartments in Baxter. Pillager does not have and sort of large apartment buildings of any kind. Now this category is where things get interesting. Brainerds high school by itself has twice as many students than our whole school combined. With 500+ kids per grade, it becomes very difficult to have that close group of friends because chances are is that you will not be will them at all in any classes. On the other hand, Pillager has about 50-70 people per grade which makes it much less difficult to have those close friends in at least one class out of the

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