Differences Between Paul I And Alexander I

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1. What were the differences between the reign of Paul I and the reign of Alexander I? Paul I receded from the coalition who were fighting Napoleon and this may be one of the starkest differences between Paul I and Alexander I as Alexander I reenlisted Russia into the efforts being made to fight Napoleon when he became czar. Additionally, Paul I ruled more like his father than his mother, Catherine, however, Alexander I determined and announced to rule like Catherine. Alexander also worked to restore privileges that Paul had taken away during his reign.
2. Explain the Decembrist Revolt. Why was it called that? Who were the Decemberists? The Decembrist Revolt gathers its name from the fact that it took place in December. This revolt was carried out by educated Russian elitist who wanted to implement political and social change that fit into modern times. Most of the members of the Decembrists had served in the Russian regiments and had seen the superior political and social models of the western European
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There were roughly six countries involved, and a factor for this war taking place was the growing fear about the power Russia had obtained. During the war, despite Russia being a match for the Turkish army, they were outmatched in regard to the power of the European military; this drew further attention to the backwardness of Russia in comparison to the western countries. Russia was ill-equipped to provide their troops the necessary supplies in a timely manner, and there weapons were outmatched by the modern weapons their adversaries were using. Nicholas I died in 1855, devastated by the standing Russia had in the war, and his son Alexander II became czar during this war. Alexander II accepted a peace treaty in 1856, reluctantly. As a consequence of this treaty, Russia had to surrender their claim to the southern Bessarabia and was unable to keep their naval ships on the Black
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