Disadvantage Of Coir Fibres

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Coir Fiber Reinforced Concrete ABSTRACT As we all know, Conventional reinforced concrete uses steel rebars. However, steel reinforcements are expensive for many people who want to build Earthquake resistant houses. To overcome the difficulty, an economical but safe constructional material is needed. Natural or coir fibers can be one possible material, as they are cheap compared to steel and locally available in the market. Coir fibers are low-cost, recyclable, and eco-friendly materials. Due to eco-friendly and bio-degradability characteristics of these natural fibers, they are considered as strong candidates to replace the conventional glass and carbon fibers. In this work, rope made of coir fiber is used as replacement to steel…show more content…
There are also several other exciting opportunities for coir composites as in the field of automobile components, especially for its interiors, and for products like crates, pallets, corrugated containers etc in the packaging industry, and many other household and restaurant articles like trays and plates. However it is their mechanical reliability, durability, recycle ability, end of the life disposability and above all cost effectiveness are the factors that determines the preference for use of coir composites. 2. S.M. Sapuan - S.M. Sapuan & M Ahmad studied the tensile and flexural strengths of coconut spathe and spathe-fiber reinforced epoxy composites and accessed the possibility of using it as a new material in engineering applications. Samples were fabricated by the hand layup process (30:70 fiber and matrix ratio by weight) and the properties evaluated using the INSTRON Material Test System. Tensile and flexural strengths for the coconut spathe-fiber reinforced composite laminates ranged from 7.9 to 11.6 MPa and from 25.6 to 67.2 MPa respectively. 3. S.N. Monteiro…show more content…
For improving the compatibility with polypropylene matrix, the coir fiber was reacted with basic chromium sulphate and sodium bicarbonate salt in acidic solution. Composites with fiber percentage of 10, 15 and 20 were prepared. The study reveals that the chemically treated fiber based composite showed good mechanical characters than untreated. The composite with 20% fiber weight concentration exhibited optimum mechanical property compared to other. During surface treatment, the OH groups of untreated coir cellulose which were hydrophilic in nature had been changed to hydrophobic –OH-Cr groups. Because of this, the water absorption amount of composite was also

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