Disadvantages Of Hopscotch Games

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C. The Concept of Hopscotch Games
1. Games
There are some definitions of games. According to Dempsey et al. (1996: 2), they defined a game as …a set of activities involving one or more players. It has goals, constraints, payoffs, and consequences. A game is rule-guided and artificial in some respects. Then, Prensky (2001: 118) mentioned that a game seen as a subset of both play and fun. A game is recognized as organized play that gives us enjoyment and pleasure. Furthermore, Andrew Wright, David Betteridge, et. al. (2006: 1) in his book entitled “Games for Language Learning” defined a game as an activity which is entertaining and engaging, often challenging, and an activity in which the students play and usually interact with others. …show more content…

Many types of research have shown a link between good ways of learning with people’s natural desire to move actively. Physical exercises cause their connections to excite the brain to work more leverage by increasing brain activity. So that, hopscotch game can be used as a technique to teach students in the classroom or outside the classroom.
3. The Advantages of Hopscotch Games
According to Nirmala Solanky Venkateswaran (2014), Occupational Therapist, There are some advantages of Hopscotch game: It …
1) Helps in developing physical coordination and balance
2) Develops body control. It means that player has to hop, rest, jump or leap as per rules- all of which helps in self-control
3) Helps in cognitive development (attention, concentration, decision-making, problem-solving, language development, memory information processing, and reasoning)
4) Create spatial awareness as player learns to play within box
5) Helps in development of gross motor skills: it involves usage of large muscles (of arms, legs, torso, and feet) of the body to perform of movement
6) Helps in sensory integration (how senses are received & reciprocated by central nervous system through appropriate motor and behavioral responses)
7) Develops Eye- Hand-Foot

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