Disadvantages Of Manual Testing

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Manual Testing
In this article we will focus on the different aspects of manual software testing. It is based on the simple differential explanation steps that will not only make the learning curve simple but also will make it easier for the non-technical people to understand the concepts in simple way.
After reading this article you will get familiar with the definition of manual software testing, different aspects of manual testing, various methods of manual testing and the benchmarks for successful testing. It will also detail major possible aspects of manual testing that are critical in understanding the concepts of testing. It will also help you get familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of all the steps involved in the manual
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Therefore it is evident that the manual software testing cannot be carried out until you have the test plan and test strategy documents.
Definition of Manual software testing
The various guides about the manual software testing describe this as the testing process that is conducted manually with the objective to find out the defects within the software without using any of the tools or automation scripts. As detailed above it is carried out in accordance with the test plan which support as the benchmark for completing the process covering all the objectives of test coverage.
There are various methods for manual testing that are considered as per the requirements and the scope of the test plan. The methodological plan that is considered as the basic part for the manual testing process consists of the below six methods. These techniques are predominantly carried out at the different stages for completing the test life cycle. The testing methods that are carried out during the process of manual software testing are as below:
1. Acceptance Testing
2. White Box
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It also reduces the number of bugs while any functionality level changes are made in the system.
• This technique also reduces the cost of testing as the possible defects are covered in the early stage of testing.
• This method also improves the design and user interface as well as allows better compliance with the coding standards.
• Unit Tests, when integrated with build gives the quality of the build as well.
The various aspects of testing where the unit testing concept is applied consists of the different testing methods like as black box testing, white box testing and gray box testing. The objective of unit testing in the context with the black box, white box and gray box testing are considered as below:
• Black Box Testing – The unit to be considered here are the user interface, input and output data. These are tested as unit in black box testing.
• White Box Testing –The White box testing as unit testing are covering the behavior of the functions as required.
• Gray Box Testing – In this the unit testing concept implies the risks and assessment methods to execute the tests.
The possible disadvantages of the unit testing are as below:
• The possibilities of defects cannot be overruled at any
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