Discovery In Son Of Mine

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The different circumstances of an individual’s thought are what makes their process of discovery and in saying that it shapes their viewpoint on interpersonal relationships, sense of identity and emotional. These ideas are well explained in both Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s poems, ‘Son of Mine’ and ‘The Past’ and Mathew Thorne’s short film, ‘Where Do Lilacs Come From’. As we can see that the only way discovery takes place is when our context puts us under the pressure, whether it is an alteration in the circumstances or opposing nature of situational context itself. Only then can change occur. The circumstances in which interpersonal relationships of an individual can take place and are what makes discoveries to occur. In Noonuccal’s ‘Son of Mine’, we can see the strong connection between the persona and the son throughout, specifically the ongoing tension of telling the truth to the loved ones is hard. The persona’s which is a mother finding it hard to tell her innocent son the truth and where she describes ‘your troubled eyes search mine’ shows us how the son feels that there is something that has been hidden from him. The metaphor is used to draw attention to a resemblance between the mother and the son of how difficult is for them both, as well as showing the relationship between them and how the persona is feeling sorry for her son. The persona then expresses her feelings ‘what can I tell you song of mine?’, rhetorical question has used her to make the reader question and as
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