Discursive Essay On Abortion

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Abortion has always been a very delicate subject to talk about. So many people have different views about it, however, there doesn’t seem to be a solution to the problem. I do not agree on taking someone's life by force, but if it involves physical abuse then that would be a different perspective. Rape is a very serious topic to mention because it might lead to many different things, including pregnancy. I believe that it is only right for a woman to have an abortion when they have been abused because the mother might not be mentally nor physically prepared to take on the responsibility of being a mother, the mother might resent the child, and/or the child might remind the mother of a horrible past. If the mother is young and dependent, then that would mean that they are definitely not ready for the different challenges being a mother would bring. Because of the trauma that was inflicted into the mother, she won’t be able to prioritize the baby at any means. Another important thing would be that the young mother would not be economically prepared for motherhood. Being a mom brings a lot of uprisings, however, also many downfalls. One of those downfalls would be that there would be a lot of money being spent which would mean that they would have to …show more content…

Hamed Al-Taher, a gynecologist from the UK, said that if medication is taken after the procedure that the woman would have a “less than one in 1,000 chance in the womb being affected”. Women can also get a surrogate mother to carry their child. I know many women in my family who’ve gotten a surrogate to have their baby because they weren’t able to. Abortion does not stop a woman from having a child, people do. People say whatever they can to prevent someone from having an abortion. They just have to realize that it might end up healing the mother in the

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