Dolphin Selection Process

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_Abbie Doan_____________________________ _03/26/2016_________________ Candidate Name Date Part of our selection process for the Acting Area Manager of Dolphin position requires candidates to complete the “Concrete Experiences Data Sheet”. Please make your responses complete and concise, using specific examples. 1. Please provide two (2) written examples of events, activities, projects, etc. in which you were directly and personally involved that you regard as a success. Success, in this context, can be defined simply as anything you have done that (a) you think you did very well (competence), and (b) you enjoyed doing (satisfaction). Describe briefly what the situation was, what you personally did in …show more content…

An important role that the Indianapolis Zoo plays is connecting people to the natural world by allowing interactions to animals that they may never encounter otherwise. By creating that interaction we open up a dialogue to share with them the true status of the wild places of our planet. Often, I feel that the general person envisions the environment as pristine wildernesses where remote places are free from human induced issues. In reality, there are few places untouched or truly pristine. What zoos and aquariums excel at is bringing these issues to the forefront of our guests without making doomsday statements. At the Indianapolis Zoo we empower our guests. We share with them not only what needs their help but how they can help by implementing small changes that they can incorporate into their daily lives. I have a unique role in animal conservation by being that link between our guests and the incredible animals in our collection. I strive to make sure that each interaction I have with visitors creates that ‘wow’ moment that inspires them to care about the natural world in and out of the Midwest. A daily goal of mine is to take the extra time to talk to our guests about our animals and share with them the plight of the oceans and how we are all connected to that environment even though it is out of sight. Not only are the animals in our collection ambassadors for their species, but I am an ambassador for my species. The human race can do amazing things for the plants, animals and places that we share our planet with. It is my job to share with people the ‘why’ and

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