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From a very young age, I’ve always been interested in science and its ability to explain natural phenomena, so naturally, I have been attracted to the South Florida Science Museum since birth. It all started with a “mad scientist” themed birthday party I had at the museum in third grade. I remember being fascinated by the exotic oceanic creatures in the touch tank and the experiments, which I thought were magic (because how else could white powder (baking soda) and a clear liquid (vinegar) make a volcano?). I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to work at the science museum so I could experience this level of joy every day.
Six years later I maintained my unwavering passion for science and love for the science center. After entering high school and discovering that I had to volunteer with a non-profit, I knew the …show more content…

I could not have been more wrong. My family continued to visit the science center and every time we walked by the wall with volunteer applications, I felt my heart break more and more. Nonetheless, I persisted – waiting for the day when I could take an application.
On the day I turned sixteen I made a point of going to the Science Center to fill out a coveted volunteer application. I immediately began to volunteer throughout the museum. While I loved every aspect of the museum, there was something extra special about the aquarium: dim lights, exotic creatures, the sounds of splashing water, the faint smell of ocean salt. I spoke to Rebecca, the Aquarium Curator, who was able to see just how passionate I was and invited me to spend more time in the aquarium. She first assigned me basic duties like cleaning fingerprints off the glass and filling up buckets of water. But before long, I was offered the opportunity to return to where it all started – the touch

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