Dorian Gray Sins

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Beautiful people get all the attention even though they clearly don't have the best interest at heart. This is shown by so many public scandals where the celebrity did something wrong but wasn't really punished for it cause the deed willwas to be soon be forgotten, whereas ordinary people would be harshly judged and punished. This is shown in the picture of Dorian Gray too. Dorian has his young and stunning looks cause all his sins are stored in the painting, that's why everyone talks to him and loves him so much even though he has so many allegations of crimes. The best example of this is Lord Henry, in my opinion, he represents the shallowness of the society. He knows the crimes that Dorian has committed, but helps him to shush them and does …show more content…

Often, that is the reason that kids get into drugs, alcohol, gambling but sometimes it can have a positive outcome like forcing your friend to study so they don't fail the year or to try out a new after-school club. Usually, peer pressure has negative consequences. It is all because people want to fit in and be a part of a larger group. They want to feel like they belong somewhere, and children are easier to influence because they tend to be more naive and trusting. This is very boldy showed by Wilde when Lord Henry walks into his life. Suddenly, Henry introduced Dorian to many important people of the high class. This makes him go to parties a lot more, be interested in rumors and care about how famous he is. Lord Henry pressures Dorian into bad decisions that it seems he himself regrets from his past, for example to not get married or not care about others. Eventually he Dorian is corrupt of his conscience. He does not sense remorse when he kills someone and only feels regret when his life is in danger. We can see how bad his soul is when the painting that now looks horrifying is described, “An exclamation of horror broke from the painter's lips as he saw in the dim light the hideous face on the canvas grinning at him.”. Dorian does not care about his sins and uses excuses like: "Each of us has heaven and hell in him, Basil," which shows the real impact of Henry’s and Dorian’s friendship, Dorian has become

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