Dr. Martin Luther King: A Hero

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A Hero “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” This quote by Martin Luther King inspired many people. It changed people 's lives and there came peace among many people. It also made people realize that there is more to life. it Gave people a chance to live a good life. Martin Luther King was a good man because he inspired people, worked for peace, and dreamed of equality amongst everyone.(BIO.com) Many of these inspirations were from his famous speech “I have a dream” and his million man march. Martin Luther King was born on January 15, 1929 with the name of Michael Luther King but later change it to Martin Luther King. Martin Luther King’s father was an American Baptist minister. Martin Luther King was …show more content…

Martin Luther King worked for peace and equality. For example he was a preacher and thought that violence was not the answer and tried to prevent it from happening. He set up a thing called the million man march to show that there is inequality in America and they needed to fix that problem of inequality. He did many speeches of peace and spake about ways to prevent the world from losing all peace and equality. Martin Luther King has shown the people how the black people have suffered and how their lives were poor which made people realize that all this needs to change and become equal.Martin luther King always worked towards what he was doing and most of the time accomplished what he strived to do. Martin Luther king helped a lot of the world to become peaceful and equal. Martin Luther King inspired me to become like him and have a good spirit like he did. Without Martin luther King the world would be out of control but instead it is equal and peaceful. Martin Luther King helped people to have the courage to do what they wanted.(Meli) When he speaks his words are full of imagery and passion that it makes want to hear more f his great speeches and stories of him. Martin Luther King was always positive and always worked towards his goals and accomplishing a lot of his goal. Martin Luther King can easily inspire people because of his happiness and

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