Dreams In The Alchemist

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should think about it instead of past and future. Dwelling on the past events which cannot be changed or removed and worrying about future events that have not occurred remove all the powers and enjoyments from the life of the people . Similarly Santiago was living his present moment , journey and most importantly his dreams. One should watch for the signs that the universe is always sending us. The universe is always trying to help us on our journey with little sign so that one can choose the best path headed in a positive direction. These sign are unseen and display willingness to believe in the spiritual guides within us. In The Alchemist , god has created the dream for Santiago with the help of which he took the right…show more content…
This novel makes people to believe in oneself and on their dreams , this novel give a wonderful message that no one can help you until and unless you are determined for your goals that have your will . Someone has said that behind every successful people there are hands of many people to make him successful. The Alchemist is novel which is portraying this fact undoubtedly. The protagonists Santiago achieves his dream or discover his treasure with help and contribution of many people. Santiago was a boy who finds happiness in small things he was found to talk to his sheep; he notices anextensiveattachment with his sheep. There was some mysterious energy bound his life to that of sheep, with whom he had spent the past two years, leading them through the countryside in search of food and water. Sheep and boy they both were dependent on each other. Sheep were dependent on boy because he lead them to nourishment they were content with just food and water and in exchange, they generously gave their wool, their company and once in while their meat . He has a habit of reading books in the leisure. He was grateful for the jacket’s weigh and warmth.In the beginning of his journey to his destination he first went to the old Gypsy women who interpret dreams. He explained about his dream which he saw twice; he explained that we was in the field with his sheep, when a child appeared and began to play with the animals, and he don’t like when people do that because the sheep are afraid of stranger. The child continued playing with the boy, and then suddenly, the child took him by both hands and transported him to the Egyptian pyramids. And the child said him that if he will come here he will find a hidden treasure; and just the child was about to show the exact location he woke up, both times. The gypsy women know to interpret dreams. The boy went there because he might know and learn something about his dreams.
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