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1. To determine to what extent EFL teachers in North Cyprus use textbooks in their classrooms.
2. To determine how effectively EFL teachers use textbooks in planning their teaching?
3. To determine EFL teachers attitudes towards the use of textbooks in EFL classrooms?


1. Do EFL teachers use textbooks in their planning?
2. To what extent do EFL teachers use textbooks in teaching-learning process?
3. What are the EFL teachers’ attitudes towards the use of textbooks in EFL classrooms?

The items will be five Likert scale type (Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree) with few general questions in Part 1. Basically I have three parts to the
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Please tick accordingly.

1. Textbooks encourage students to develop their own learning strategies
2. Textbooks are very effective resources for students’ self-study
3. Textbooks I use are culturally suitable for my students
4. I believe following a textbook gives students feeling of progression in language learning
5. The activities and strategies used in textbooks are always more effective than teacher-prepared materials
6. Textbooks are invaluable resources in terms of reading materials
7. Textbooks are very great listening resources
8. I find the textbooks unnecessarily expensive
9. I believe tailored activities always work in my classes
10. Textbooks help EFL teachers teach more effectively
11. Textbooks help teachers learn before teaching
12. I can never find better resource than a textbook to present the language in all skills
13. Textbooks I use match the educational program (curriculum) in general
14. Textbook objectives match my personal teaching objectives as EFL teacher
15. I would prefer to choose my textbook for my individual classes
16. I would like to take part in the textbook evaluation procedure before using

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