Serial Killer Research Paper

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Serial Killers
Hadeel Mendili 11AA
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Killing is a very infamous, and unfortunately, a frequent thing. There are many types of serial killers with reasons and causes of killing, but they all have one thing in common. Murder. Most do it for pleasure, or even believe it’s for “the good”. This essay will explain the studied psychological effects and origins of the mind of a serial killer. It all has to do with psychology and the way a killer was raised or the environment they lived in. There’s a battle of nature vs. nurture in this particular topic and they will be explored and details will be given about serial killers and how they think with examples of childhood trauma.
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After they had discovered that Jack the Ripper was officially a serial killer, psychologists and police identified four types of serial killers. ("Crime Library: Serial Killers | Crime Museum," n.d., p.xx) The first type is "visionary serial killer" which is a serial killer that is commanded to kill by voices or visions inside their heads. The second type are called "mission serial killer" who are interested in ridding the community from undesirable Individuals “for the good.” The third type of serial killer is a "hedonistic serial killer” who finds it thrilling and lustful to murder people. The last type of serial killer is the "power/control serial killer" who get motivated by the need for power and dominance and find it in …show more content…

One example is the clown killer John Wayne Gacy was a successful business man, no one had expected him to become a child murderer and a rapist. ("List of serial killers by number of victims - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia," n.d.) Ted Bundy was an up and coming attorney which confirms that what had caused them to be this way is their childhood which was reportedly neglectful and isolated. They are complex human beings, there is no actual confirmed pattern. It’s not just biological or sociological or even psychological, but it’s not something that will go away. Every year approximately 20,000 victims die from serial

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