Effects Of Women's Suffrage Movement

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Lasting Effects of the Women's Suffrage Movement
A century ago, the United States was a very different place, especially for women. They did not have the same rights as men. For example, they were excluded from inheriting property on the same terms as men, serving on a jury, opening a bank account, applying for a loan, attending Ivy League colleges, and also had a limited voice in their government because they were not allowed to vote. Ironically, the constitution did not explicitly deny women the right to vote, but since they were not allowed to do so many other things, it made sense that voting was restricted as well. Women’s decade-long struggle to earn the right to vote, otherwise known as the Women's Suffrage movement, came to an end with …show more content…

One of the most well known women's suffrage activist, Susan B. Anthony, held a two-day women’s rights convention, with the help of a few other women, in Seneca Falls, New York, commencing the movement. Almost 200 women convened at The Seneca Falls Convention which was the first woman's rights convention in the United States. The meeting launched the women’s suffrage movement, helping women organize and petition for their rights. Along with the women activist leaders of the suffrage movement came two organizations, the National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and the National Woman’s Party (NWP). More than seven decades after the Seneca Falls Convention, their combined efforts ratified the 19th Amendment, enfranchising women. This victory is considered the most significant achievement of women in the Progressive Era. It was the single largest extension of democratic voting rights in our nation’s history, and it was achieved peacefully, through democratic …show more content…

Some of the adjustments made during this time included women holding a higher social status, attending Ivy League colleges, defending a client in court, and holding high-ranked political offices. The bringing about of these new changes not only helped the feminist group progress but helped encourage other innovated groups to progress as well. Today their example has helped shape feminist groups that are still pushing for more of an equal status to men. Although not easy, women were able to overcome many unique challenges during this era and therefore made it possible for women to gain equal rights reshaping our country to what it is

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