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eFlow Payment Services specializes in the small business credit card processing industry. First established in 2007, eFlow has become known as the barrier-free tolling system, and they have a strong reputation for being one of the finest in the business. They are known for having some of the industry's lowest rates, and the company uses free software that uses a mobile card reader. Overall, eFlow Payments has a 98 percent acceptance rating, which is one of the highest in the industry. This five-step payment to capture invoice processing simplifies the lives of the company's accounting personnel.

Awards for eFlow

In the last three months alone, the company won three awards, such as the #1 Best Tablet PoS Company USA. They have won this award
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When you compare it to other merchant services, you have extremely attractive rates, especially for small business owners. Those rates start as low as 0.17 percent with swiped merchants, and it costs merchants 0.69 percent for the keyed merchants. However, that will vary based on the type of card that you use. When it comes to rates, there are rate variance that…show more content…
There are still services for larger business owners too, however. For example, you have a free credit card terminal and free processing software. If you travel a lot, you can also make use of Authorize.net, which is a virtual terminal. Another advantage of eFlow Payments is how you have an excellent customer service support line, and you can speak via the online chat option. All of this is available 24/7/365.

Payment Methods Accepted

As a client, you get a large selection of choices when it comes to payment options with eFlow. For example, you have both debit and credit card processing, and you have check guarantee services. The system also accepts gift cards and loyalty programs. You have online ordering, which could especially come in handy for restaurants. In addition, there are other services that people might find useful, including the business loans and cash advances that have a lot of advantages for a small business owner who is trying to continue expanding their business.

The Pricing

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