Egyptian's Laws In Ancient Egypt

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The pharaoh was the leader of Ancient Egypt.
In Ancient Egypt there is a person who has the last say of everything and he is the leader of Egypt.He is the pharaoh.The pharaoh is the ‘Lord of Two Lands’ which means that,he owns both Upper and Lower egypt.On the website Ancient it says,”He owned all the land,made laws,collected taxes, and defended egypt against foreigners.”The pharaoh was also called the ‘High Priest of Every Temple’ he was called this because he was like a god on earth.The people thought that the pharaoh was sent from the gods to guide them on earth.
The ancient egyptian’s laws of Ma’at were very important.
The laws of the Ancient Egyptians were called Ma’at.Egyptian laws were usually based on the right and wrong,like most laws we see today in our world.The Ma’at laws represented truth,order,balance,and justice in the universe.Ma’at allowed that everyone should be viewed as equals,in exception of the slaves.The punishments for breaking a Ma’at law is very harsh.Most of the time if there was a punishment the guilty person 's entire family would be punished.

The egyptians honoured their gods and goddesses kindly.

The egyptians took great care of their gods and goddesses.The priests perform ceremonies to honor them.The priests have a cleaning ritual that they give the …show more content…

There are 2 main types of temples that the ancient egyptians worship in.One of the temples is called the Cultus temple.The cultus temples are usually built just for a specific god or gods.The second type is called the mortuary temple.The mortuary temples are built mostly to worship the dead pharaohs.The only people can enter these temples are the priests.But,the priests have to be pure to enter these temples.The priests had to take very good care of the statues of dead pharohs.Every morning they had to anoint the gods with sacred perfume and oils.Then he had to put ceromonial clothes and paints on the statues.Lastly,he made offerings of food to the

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