Sq3r Chapter 1 Summary

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Neha Chandran SQ3R Chapter 1 Analyze the first humans. About three to four million years ago, the first humans classified as hominids lived in Africa. Australopithecines were bipedal and were able to make simple tools out of stone. Louis and May Leakey discovered a hominid that they named Homo habilis. These hominids were the first to make tools. With a larger brain, they were able to make better decisions when it came to searching for food. Around 1.5 million years ago, a new variation of the hominid emerged. They were named Homo erectus and were able to make more sophisticated tools. They were the first hominids to leave Africa and travel to parts of Europe and Asia. Explain the emergence of Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens emerged …show more content…

The Old Kingdom was created when a king named Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt. The people obeyed and respected the king to maintain cosmic order. Disrespecting the king was considered to be like disrespecting a god. Later on, Egypt was divided into provinces governed by a nomarch. Eventually, the Old Kingdom fell apart and Egypt went into a time of disorder. A new dynasty unified Egypt and started the Middle Kingdom. The boundaries and jobs of nomes were established. Pharaohs were described as “shepherds of the people” instead of being like a …show more content…

During this time, China was ruled by people whose main concern was war. They fought using horse-drawn chariots. Chariots are thought to have been introduced in China by neighboring civilizations. The king was in charge of the bureaucracy and a large army. The Chinese began the idea of veneration of ancestors at this time by sacrificing humans at the time of a king’s death. The way clans were organized is believed to have led to the joint family life. They had mastered the use of bronze in weapons and utensils. They also created the writing system that is still used in China

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