Elements Of A Mixture Lab Report

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For this lab the objective is to see how the properties of individual substances compare with properties of mixed substances. For this lab the research questions is mixture, homogenous mixture, and heterogeneous mixture. A mixture is a combination of 2 or more substances that are mixed together physically but not combined chemically. Also a homogeneous mixture is a uniform in structure or composition throughout the substance. Lastly, a heterogeneous mixture is a consisting of dissimilar parts of elements (not the same). In addition, my hypothesis for this lab is the cornstarch and water will make a liquid-solid substance. The Investigating Mixtures Lab objective is to observe that not all liquids behave the same way when mixed with other liquids. Also, my hypothesis for this lab is the vegetable oil will not mix with the water. Conclusion/Analysis: …show more content…

The first question is, After you stir and mix the substances, could you still see the cornstarch and water? No, because they were mixed together. The second question is, Describe how the new mixture is different from the original substances. The answer for that is it looks like a liquid, feels like a solid, but when you touch it, it drips. Another question is, Was the new mixture made from a physical change or chemical change? How do you know? It is a chemical change because it turned into a new substance. In addition, Was the mixture a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture? Explain. It was a homogeneous because it is the same structure throughout the substance. Also another question is, Was your hypothesis correct? Explain why or why not. My hypothesis was correct because it changed into a new substance that was a liquid-solid. Last question for this lab is, What changes would you make if you could do this experiment again? I would use flour and cornstarch next

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