Elephant Toothpaste Essay

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Elephant’s Toothpaste

Do you know anything about chemical reactions? In this demonstration you will learn about chemistry. I did elephant’s toothpaste for my science project this year. I hope you learn from this project. Here’s how you do elephant’s toothpaste at home. You will need one regular water bottle, half a cup of twenty volume hydrogen peroxide, one tablespoon dry yeast, three tablespoons of warm water, eight drops of your favorite food coloring, a small cup, and a funnel. Pour your hydrogen peroxide into the water bottle. Add the dishwashing soap. Swish the soap and hydrogen peroxide around in the bottle. Now add eight drops of your favorite food coloring. In your cup, mix your warm water and yeast together to a mixture. …show more content…

The bonds between atoms are broken and new molecules are created. You start with one molecule and it turns into another. Chemical bonds are either made or broken in order to create a new molecule. If ice melts, it is a physical change. The molecules stay the same. But, when you bleach a shirt, the bleach breaks down the stain. The molecules are changed. This could include atoms, ions, compounds, or molecules of a single element. Chemical reactions can happen with anything, as long as chemical change occurs. For example, you put hydrogen gas and oxygen into a room. A little water might come out of it. But if you add a spark, an exothermic reaction explosion might occur. Single reactions often occur as a small part in a big reaction.
Exothermic Reactions
When chemical reactions happen, energy is taken or given to its surrounding environment. This happens a lot with a temperature change. This can be seen using a thermometer. Some examples of exothermic reactions are burning, rusting, and neutralization (reactions between acids and alkalis). Exothermic reactions can be used in everyday life. Some examples are hand warmers and self heating cans. Another example of an exothermic reaction is a flame. As it burns, it transfers heat to its surroundings.
Catalysts and

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