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LOCATION OF CAMP Emerald bay is on the Northwest side of Santa Catalina. Emerald Bay is 24 miles away from Los Angels. Emerald Bay is a boy scout camp that has visitors every week. We are known for having the most abalone in southern cali and the amazing snorkeling. The climate here is mostly sunny, it gets from the 60s to the 80s. We don 't get much precipitation, that 's why we have a lot of succulent plants which can hold in a lot of water when we are lacking it. Some are cacti, flora, and mostly trees. Also you might get lucky seeing some of our wildlife walking near the camp. It is home to five native animals, the island fox, bison, deer, ornate shrew, and many ground squirrels. But be very quiet when you see them so you don 't scare them off. BEAUTIFUL VEIW OF …show more content…

Each day we provide a different thing of food for each student or scout LUNCH AND DINNER The next two meals we provide are lunch and dinner. We get a lot of news that these two are everyone 's favorite time of day to eat because of our creamy and tasteful food. Where you Sleep WHERE YOU SLEEP We provide you a 6 bed cabin to sleep in overnight. We have windows on each corner of each bunk bed for air too keep you cool during the day and warm at night. Just outside both girls and boys cabins we have a big restroom for you to get ready and unready for the day. In total we have about 10 cabins that fit 8 people each. Make sure to shut your door to keep the wildlife out! COME BREAK YOUR FEARS! Here at Emerald Bay we are a welcoming community that provides a lot of classes, fun activities, and awesome food. The staff and your attitude will make this trip one you will never forget, so make the most out of it. Our motto here is break your fears, so come and try things that are out of your comfort zone. The loving staff will be right by your side through every experience you have here at Emerald Bay! Break Your

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