Emerald Bay Narrative Report

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LOCATION OF CAMP Emerald bay is on the Northwest side of Santa Catalina. Emerald Bay is 24 miles away from Los Angels. Emerald Bay is a boy scout camp that has visitors every week. We are known for having the most abalone in southern cali and the amazing snorkeling. The climate here is mostly sunny, it gets from the 60s to the 80s. We don 't get much precipitation, that 's why we have a lot of succulent plants which can hold in a lot of water when we are lacking it. Some are cacti, flora, and mostly trees. Also you might get lucky seeing some of our wildlife walking near the camp. It is home to five native animals, the island fox, bison, deer, ornate shrew, and many ground squirrels. But be very quiet when you see them so you don 't scare them off. BEAUTIFUL VEIW OF EMERALD BAY Big image Snorkeling Hiking Class SNORKELING This activity is the one you 'll look forward too most because of how great the experience is. The water is a bright blue color and its the perfect temperature to snorkel in. Sometimes the weather will get cold, but that 's why we have our wetsuits. Once you get in the water you will never want to get back out. There are many beautiful and different things to see. The fish always have amazing colors and are outstanding to look at. Here are some of the most common fishes we have Garibaldi, Opal Eye, and Sheephead. Every one of these fish have a beautiful color and also have something that make each of them different. The Garibaldi stands out the most with

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