Reflection On The Movie Interstellar

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I think the movie Interstellar is mostly based on emotions and logic. It’s director Christopher Nolan said that The further out into the infinite we went and the more we isolated these characters who have to go across the universe, the more the focus naturally becomes on their humanity, on that intimate bond they have, what makes us human, all those issues{1}. I think what’s important for us to be humans is care for others more than ourselves .It helps in us in taking risks we usually fear to take to help others. The 2014-movie Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan had a lot of people’s effort who did research in order to make the movie more realistic to real life experience. In the movie Interstellar a lot of feelings like love, remorse, …show more content…

It allows us to reach our destination by showing a way to achieve the things and make us do things which we are afraid to do. Like near the ending of the movie the main character Cooper decides to go into black hole in order to save his daughter and son. But again it may make people to cause trouble because of their love towards others. Like Dr.Mann who wants to leave with other people in his last days plans to kill Cooper and his team members in order to get the spaceship to return to the Earth. Dr. John Brand in order to save human species doesn’t tell Cooper and others that plan A in the movie is impossible but lies to them it only takes some to solve the equation. In Interstellar, love is type of force which controls actions of living beings. When Cooper goes into black hole he faces 5 dimensional world, where he can change the events in the world by creating disturbance in the world at the time he is facing. By using the love as instrument, he finds the timeline required to give the data required to solve the equation in order to escape the gravity of earth to his daughter and believes her to solve and escape for

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