Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Essay

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The 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a wonderful example of the cumulation of the various topics that have been discussed throughout class thus-far creating an interesting science fiction story though the manipulation of cinematic forms. From the very basic ideas of creating a world for the film to take place in to more complex motifs that reoccur throughout the film, these elements build upon themselves creating a central theme of mystic, human curiosity, and wonder about the unknown. From the opening of the film, we are told that the film takes place in “present day”, although this may have served some meaning when the film was released in 1977, watching 40 year later we should take this into account; but how did we conclude …show more content…

Toys and clothing is not the only thing the mise-en-scene used, in the various scenes with Roy’s night job both his classic Ford F150 truck and police cars help transport the viewer back to the times where these cars were numerous along the streets. A subtler use of creating the setting for the film was the …show more content…

All these combinations together help the viewer understand the film and aim to guild them to a theme that hopefully will lead them to ask questions such as: ‘do aliens exist not only in the film but also in our universe?” and possibly lead to bigger questions concerning our very own existence and being as

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