Employee Engagement Theory

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“An Empirical Study of Employee Engagement: An Opportunity or Challenge with special reference to TAJ Hotel at Jodhpur” *Ms. Divya Sharma Assistant Professor Department of Management Studies JIET Group of Institutions, Jodhpur Abstract: The workforce working in an organization was once considered a mere ‘factor of production’ who was employed for producing the goods and services. Gradually, the business firms started realizing that human resources are the precious assets for the survival and success of business. The manpower then gained importance in corporate scenario and were referred to as ‘human resources’. Over the time, competition became intense and human resources became means to gain sustained competitive advantage. According to the…show more content…
This is also seen as one of the retention strategy of the company. The concept of employee engagement is related to various other concepts such as psychological contract, job satisfaction, employee commitment, motivated employee and can be seen as a new HR fad. In reality employee engagement can be defined as “a degree of an employee’s positive or negative emotional attachment to their job, colleagues and organization which deeply influences their willingness to learn and perform at work.(Survey). An “engaged employee” is one who is completely involved in and enthusiastic about, his or her work and thus act in a way that advances the organizational growth. Engagement is a positive attitude towards the job and it is different from job satisfaction and commitment as it is more temporary and volatile than commitment, which is a more stable perception.(Rothwell,…show more content…
They are absorbed in their work, put their heart into their jobs, are excited about doing a good job, exert energy in their work and are a source of competitive advantage for their employees. Objective of the Study: Realizing the benefits attached to employee engagement most of the companies’ today conduct employee engagement surveys to measure engagement. Though there is no universally accepted measure of employee engagement. In simple terms, an engaged workforce is said to be the one who takes pride in being part of the organization and advocates the organization. Such employees are satisfied with their job and intend to stay longer. The Objective of this paper is to: i. Determine the factors to be considered to measure the degree of Employee engagement strategies followed at TAJ Hotel, Jodhpur. ii. To analyze the current status of employee engagement strategies followed at

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