The Pros And Cons Of Escapism In Video Games

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Everyone has been there –to the point where you are so stressed out that you can barely think; where you are worried about how you fared on an exam; where you are contemplating whether your friends are sincere with you or not; where you are trying to forget a recent quarrel with someone dear to you; where you are simply too taxed to do anything productive. At this point in time, many will do something else to help take their mind off their current predicaments and depressions in life by escaping the problems brought by this reality they are living in. For some, that something is reading. For others, it is drinking. Now, in our current generation, this list has expanded to include another method of finite escape, video games.
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Additionally, it depends on whether the escapist is able to escape and return in a safe manner with the knowledge of his/her responsibilities in real life. It only becomes problematic if gamers continuously avoid the mundaneness, deny problems of daily life, cannot control their game playing activity, or confuse daily life with the games. It can be shown by the articles written by Steven Handel and Kollar which are contrasting each other; one focusing on the pros of escapism in video games and the other one focusing on the cons. The three articles emphasize the concept of escapism in video games and how it affects the life of an individual. Each paper cites incidents or examples on how video games could influence one's behavior and how it could be beneficial or non-beneficial to that person. It can be concluded that video game escapism as a whole is for entertainment, leisure, interaction with others that enjoy the same aspects of gaming that a person relish; fantasizing for video games provide good ways for people to break with reality due to the flexibility, high realism, and immersive powers of computer game

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