Encyclopedia Britannca Vs Pacific War

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The Encyclopedia Britannica article “Pacific War” is more Objective because of the author's way of stating facts and sourcing. The Battle of Coral Sea took place in May 1942, five months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and The Battle of Midway took place in June 1942, six month after Pearl Harbor. Published Sept. 26 2017 by Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, titled “Pacific War.” Islands in the Pacific were being taken by the Japanese Empire and this article tells each story of how each event unfolded (Battle of two of the islands/areas.) “Pacific War” is objective because of the credibility, reliability, of Encyclopedia Britannica, because it produces articles for educational purposes and being fair and not biased and showing no subjectivity. …show more content…

which is an educational company that produces articles and videos for educational purposes. Also, MLA citation is given to readers which shows credibility and reliability. “"Pacific War." Britannica School, Encyclopædia Britannica, 26 Sep. 2017. school.eb.com/levels/high/article/Pacific-War/629305. Accessed 27 Feb. 2018.” Britannica can also be confirmed by the way it is known as an encyclopedia because encyclopedias are credible and reliable sources. Encyclopedias are mostly unbiased and this shows reliability. Britannica states that “While the four-day engagement, designated the Battle of the Coral Sea, was a tactical victory for the Japanese, it was a strategic victory for the Allies, whose naval forces, employing only aircraft and never closing within gunshot range of Japanese vessels, had saved Port Moresby,” this shows that Britannica is fair to both sides of an argument. Britannica School proves reliability through out there article, showing both side and being fair to all argument points without

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