End Of Life Issues Of Older Adults

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Journal 4 Summary End of life issues can impact the older adult in numerous different ways. Illuminating meaning is something than an older adult can spend a great deal of time doing. Often times an older adult near the end of their life spends a lot time pondering what the meaning of life is and whether or not they will be remembered when they pass on. Grandparents will reflect on what they taught their children or grandchildren and also whether they left their mark in the world in other ways. As a nurse, it is my job to help with this thought process and converse with my client about their life. On major end of life issue is who will take care of the older adult when they are no longer able to take care of themselves. Older adults will often go to retirement homes, nursing homes, or other facilities based on the level of skilled care they need and their level of independence. Sometimes an older adult will go to a family member’s house and those relatives will take on a caregiving role. As an older adult gets closer to dying, they will begin to cope with their own death. There are multiple stages of coping that a person may or may not go through, but the end stage or goal is to accept one’s own inevitable death. This process can be emotionally and psychological draining for the older adult as well as for his/or family. It is important for an older adult to being thinking about what happens after death. An older adult near the end of life will be searching for

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