Reflection On End Of Life

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Journal 4
End of life issues can impact the older adult in numerous different ways. Illuminating meaning is something than an older adult can spend a great deal of time doing. Often times an older adult near the end of their life spends a lot time pondering what the meaning of life is and whether or not they will be remembered when they pass on. Grandparents will reflect on what they taught their children or grandchildren and also whether they left their mark in the world in other ways. As a nurse, it is my job to help with this thought process and converse with my client about their life. On major end of life issue is who will take care of the older adult when they are no longer able to take care of themselves. Older adults will
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At the end of my own life, I will hopefully find comfort in being near the time when I will meet my Heavenly Father. I will also hopefully be able to reflect back on my life and know that I lived my life to glorify God and others could see Him in my actions and words. The end of life can be difficult for some people because they are not ready to leave their families yet or feel like they have more to do on Earth. For these people, it is important as nurses to help them accept their situations and to promote Shalom in their lives as well as their families lives
Throughout this semester I have learned so much about the older adult. This unit on the end of life has been the most meaningful for me, and I plan to implement much of what I have learned in my future career. As a nurse, I will be faced with death of my patients numerous times. Death is an inevitable part of life. However, it is my job as a nurse to help my patients understand what is happening, help them be prepared for dying, and to be as comfortable as possible until the end of their life. These things will guide me as I try to promote Shalom in their
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