Engen Petroleum Case Study

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The brains behind Engen Petroleum was Johann Gottlieb Schade, a German immigrant. He created Vacuum Oil and brought various energy products to South Africa. In the early 90s, J.D Rockerfeller’s “The Standard Oil Company,” backed Vacuum Oil opened their first branch in Cape Town. 1908 to 1920 – Vacuum Oil became part of Mobil, which was the most well-known oil business in South Africa. 1920 to 1930 – After World War 1, there was no need for horse drawn cabs to deliver petrol, these were soon replaced by lorries, which were faster and more efficient for the oil deliveries. 1930 to 1950 – After World War 2, the South African government realised that there was a need for refined oil which meant that we needed our own oil refinery to service…show more content…
These were donated to the underprivileged kids at a coaching clinic. I was a coach for a day and was allocated a small group of similar aged kids that I coached as well as taught them the rules of golf.4. WHY IS THERE A NEED FOR CSR? CSR shows that we care about people who are either less fortunate than us or do not have the resources to help kick start their new beginning. Companies have a CSR program because they want to give back to communities that support them. As the name suggests it is being responsible to help improve and empower the community around the business. As business’s matured they realised that it was not only about their bottom line (profit) but also about developing the local surroundings in any way possible. Crawford Schools is a listed JSE company, and by participating in CSR, it uplifts the communities in which its schools operate, which helps the companies brand…show more content…
This then has a ripple effort, as those who benefitted from CSR programs tend to also give back to others and so the cycle will continue. More empowered and able people in the economy, the more the economy will thrive, creating more jobs, better salaries…etc5. CONCLUSION: Conclusion question: Is it really necessary for companies to get involved in CSR? I certainly believe that it is important for a company to get involved in CSR initiatives for a few reasons. 1. Tt is about making society a better place of all the people that live on earth. Companies have the means via their success to give something back to the communities that support them. This giving back then allows people have more than what they currently have in either skills or even just basis necessities. 2. Most government budgets are stretch to the limits for socio-economic upliftment thus with the help of profitable companies, more can be done to provide upliftment. It then becomes a cooperate plus government partnership and more can be

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