English 10 Honor Report

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English 10 Honors has been an invaluable learning experience filled with many opportunities to showcase knowledge and to learn new ideas. I began the year coming off a successful year in Honors English 9 where I learned important writing and reading comprehension skills. I feel this year I was successful with reading and interpreting text and I believe that I made big strides in my writing and in my command of the English language. In the beginning of the year I believe i had a strong enough command on English conventions but definitely with room for improvement.In my opinion, the assignments that most exemplified the assessment of English conventions, as well as reading and writing, were the Zeitoun and 1984 long compositions. Take for example my first sentence from the Zeitoun long comp, “Human nature is a fickle thing, no one person being perfect”. That sentence isn’t awful, and technically isn’t grammatically incorrect, but it seems a little awkward and stilted. Thanks to Mrs. Provost and her lesson on colons and semicolons, I’ve learned that a more natural replacement for that sentence could be “Human nature is a fickle thing: no one is perfect”. Small things like that are a great showcase of the strides I’ve made in my command of the English language. Another area I believe i improved in was the writing of theses and introduction paragraphs. From the Zeitoun…show more content…
I also improved on my writing of theses and introductory paragraphs. As far as presenting, I learned invaluable skills such as memorization, comprehension/interpretation of texts, and physical presence/vocal projection. And I realized that a more difficult task isn’t always something to fear, but an experience to learn and strengthen skills. For the future, I aim to further strengthen my language skills, and to strengthen my writing of arguments and overall structures of

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