Pedagogical Teaching Strategies

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Authur Firkins, Gail Forey and Sima Sengupta focus on the strategies that would be able to enhance students’ English language writing skills especially for low proficiency ELF students. They present the most suitable and proper way to teach the students in the form of describing a genre- based literacy pedagogy in the scientific way by introducing genre- based learning. This paper will review the strategies suggested by Authur and friends as well as their firm arguments. An evaluation of the quality of Authur and friends’ writing as well as weakness of their ideas will be analyzed. Authur and friends state about the importance of pedagogical teaching, the genre-based teaching methodology, to enhance the writing skills of targeted students,…show more content…
Graphic data that can prove the value of improvement of the targeted students can considered as valuable evidence. Researchers should provide a graphic data that stating the result of close examination before and after the genre-based teaching is applied to prove the effectiveness of the pedagogical method used. Without any data, the result that the researchers show, can be said as just a prediction at the end of the process. Moving on to a statement illustrate by the researchers, “the approach offered a teaching methodology enabling teachers to present explicit instruction in highly systematic and logical manner”. Learning and teaching process should be fun and meaningful. According to the statement stated, it is more to teacher-centered learning where the teachers will keep giving out the information but the information may not stay long in students’ long term memory. Albert Einstein quoted, ‘it is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education’, which is mean the students will learn better and try to figure out the answer if they are curious about certain…show more content…
and Vishalache (2006) insist the importance of teacher’s role in boosting students’ confidence during language learning. Language can be enjoyable if the students have self-esteem while learning language and can focus better to input foreign language. Gardner and Lambert (1972) introduced instrumental motivation that refers to the students’ desire to learn a language. The desire of the students to learn a language will surely boost their effort to increase their proficiency in language. Furthermore, the concept of pair work and group work are very important but Authur and friends stress more on individual understanding and individual work. Students that participate in group work in language class can gain their self-esteem to speak with their peers, increase English talking time and increase their motivation to speak in a risk-free environment (Jack C, Richards and David Bohlke, 2011). Pair work and group work can provide sustained interaction for language practice. Thus, the students can practice to speak in English with their mate and after a certain time, students will gain their fluency in communicating and uttering

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