Environmental Impact On Environment And Its Effects On The Environment

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IMPACT ON ENVIRONMENT – RISK OF CONTAMINATION Risk management is another impact of GMOs on ecology. GMOs which are introduced whether for deliberate release or for contained use should be managed sufficiently the same way as the invasive species being treated for management purposes. Environmental contamination is one of the significant problems of GMOs. GMOs contamination is not GM risk per se, but it is a risk management issue depends on the involving crops. Some GM crops are improbable of spreading beyond their areas of planting. However, some GM species are likely to spread far more (IUCN, The World Conservation Union, 2007). For instance, plants that producing pollens have higher potential to spread far and contaminate nearby plants whereas bright-resistant GM potatoes have minimum risk of contamination because they reproduce via tubers. Besides that, recent study on creeping bent grass which has been developed to be resistant against RoundUp, a glyphosate shown that it can be easily spread to the area where it is not required (IUCN, The World Conservation Union, 2007). There are 2 pathways on how GM contamination can occur, namely gene flow and commingling. Gene flow is a natural process where shuffling of genetic information occurs from the seeds or pollen of closely related species which give rise to biological diversity in plant population. GM crops can cross-pollinate with non-GMO crops of same species through pollinators or dispersion of wind. On the other hand,
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