Essay About A Story To Write A Short Story

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“Liv, wake up,” I hear my grandfather yell from down the hall where a smell of bacon and pancakes is emerging, making my mouth water. Little does he know, I’m already awake and getting ready to go. I throw on my new dress with purple and pink flowers and brush my teeth quickly. Using my grandmother’s brush, I yank at my snarled hair and tie it up on top of my head. In my rush to get back to the bedroom, I trip over the dog and he lets out a high pitched squeal. After messily throwing the covers back onto the bed, I scurry out to the kitchen where my grandparents are waiting for me with breakfast on the table. I’ve been excitedly awaiting the day we get to go visit mom and dad at the hospital. I eat breakfast hastily, as to rush our departure, but wonder why my grandparents keep giving each other somber looks across the table. Outside, the little birds flitter around, hopping quickly like jumping beans, from one bird feeder to the next. They must be just as excited as I am. “I can’t wait to see mom and dad and Ryan,” I exclaim. My grandmother gets up from the table suddenly, a hand over her mouth, and gives my grandfather a pleading look. “They’re excited to see you too. They’ve missed you very much, but I have to tell you something.” I raise my glance up to him as I stuff more pancake into my mouth and see his eyes have started to water. He is notorious for being emotional; even listening to the “Star Spangled Banner” can make him cry, but this was different. There was a
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